In January I'll be exhibiting in Manchester. The work will be around the idea of fast food, and I'm in the preliminary planning stages of the body of work. I'm hoping to create almost a 'museum' of takeaways including imagery, scans or photos of artefacts from takeaways. I was toying with the idea of including audio, but I think that may not fit in to the idea I have in my head.

In the city centre of Manchester there are so many fast food restaurants that I may not be able to visit all of them (!) but I'm going to make a good go of it. I'm hoping that I can nab some old pizza boxes, plastic forks, paper menus and other artefacts to go in my 'museum'. I'd love to get hold of a neon sign for the exhibition too! 

The idea of the work comes from the concept that we are living in the age of the anthropocene; the idea that we are making a permanent mark on the planet. I'm choosing to explore takeaways as I'm concerned about the impact fast food restaurants and our increased consumption of these fast food's having on our urban landscapes in terms of pollution and our health.