In January I'll be exhibiting in Manchester. The work will be around the idea of fast food, and I'm in the preliminary planning stages of the body of work. I'm hoping to create almost a 'museum' of takeaways including imagery, scans or photos of artefacts from takeaways. I was toying with the idea of including audio, but I think that may not fit in to the idea I have in my head.

In the city centre of Manchester there are so many fast food restaurants that I may not be able to visit all of them (!) but I'm going to make a good go of it. I'm hoping that I can nab some old pizza boxes, plastic forks, paper menus and other artefacts to go in my 'museum'. I'd love to get hold of a neon sign for the exhibition too! 

The idea of the work comes from the concept that we are living in the age of the anthropocene; the idea that we are making a permanent mark on the planet. I'm choosing to explore takeaways as I'm concerned about the impact fast food restaurants and our increased consumption of these fast food's having on our urban landscapes in terms of pollution and our health.

Nexus Exhibition

I'm having some of my work exhibited as part of my MA at the Nexus cafe in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. The show should be running until Christmas, so go and take a look if you're in the area.

I wanted to hang my prints in a slightly different way, and as the work was about contested landscapes I decided that it might be interesting to continue this contested landscape theme into the actual gallery space. So I've removed the glass and backing in the frame and used the wall to hang my prints.


Despite all the awful weather we've been having, I've managed to get out and do some location shoots. I recently photographed the lovely Cara on a rare sunny day and it was exactly the wrong kind of sunshine - that glaring, super bright sunshine that you can't escape!

Here are some of my favourites from the shoot.

Grim things

Feeling ill is rubbish. So what better way of feeling better than exploring back streets and taking close up photos of disgusting looking things?

I'm currently studying a module for my Photography MA on space, location and territory. These images were in response to the concept of re-imagining landscape photography. My aim was to make these images look like alien, yet recognisable and identifiable landscapes. But landscapes made out of gross things like hairy parcel shelves, burst pipes and mould.

Have a look at the rest of the images here.


This past week I've not been doing much photography. Whenever I'm not photographing something, I feel as though I've lost a little bit of me! I've also started the last bit of my MA and I'm taking an interesting sounding module on space, location and territory. Space is something that I tried to explore last semester so I'm eager to explore it a little deeper.

Here's a little something I've shot this week - a portrait session with a model from J'adore Models; Lorde.

New camera - Charlie @ Vauhaus

Yesterday I photographed Charlie @ Vauhaus. I used a camera I'd never shot with before and unfortunately the autorewind function doesn't quite work so I opened the camera back before it'd wound back. I thought I'd develop the photos anyway as you never know if any frames are damaged. Luckily I only lost a couple of frames and got some interesting looking light leaks on some other images.

I decided that rather than giving the autorewind another go I'd take it into the bathroom in the pitch black and manually wind it back! Apart from that, it's a cute little camera and I really like the results.

You can view the digital files here.

Expired film

I love shooting with expired film. Whenever I search through the boxes in the camera shop when I'm buying film, I try and get the oldest film. I love shooting "fresh" film too though - after all I'd never want film to stop being made so I definitely want to support its production.

This roll I shot with Tessa who is such a dream to work with. The makeup artist was Emily Brown (she was fantastic as usual) and I styled it with some bits from my wardrobe and a few pieces from J'adore Vintage.

I'm so devastated that the camera I took these on has broken. It's the best little camera ever, so off to eBay to buy another!

Developed film - Lily

I shot some 35mm film recently with Lily and unfortunately the camera didn't wind the film back properly and I opened the back. I was panicking that I'd lost everything as I've opened the back of a camera before and lost some frames.

Fortunately, I didn't lose a single frame! Some of my favourites below.